Why SugarCRM?

State of the art CRM solution since 2004 and solutions span across different verticals. Clear pricing structure, integration freely to other systems, flexible and continue to expand.
In the modern industrial and fast changing business environment, companies are always looking for system that is flexible and yet expandable for business to grow!

CRM with Process Management

As state of the art CRM provider, SugarCRM develop process management within CRM system. This process management system allows business user to define and see the processes quicker and it is a human readable map.

Moreover, the process management with drag and drop interface and only configuration is required for most of the scenarios. This is a very modern way to manage process management because in the modern world, business will need to be agile which this process management approach with drag and drop interface that is a very quick way to modify existing process without any coding experiences

Expanding of SugarCRM is always be their core and this allows to be expanded integrating with different systems.


SugarCRM solution for Financial Services

SugarCRM provides integration freedom which allows you to integrate with other system with no additional license costs. Not only the integration freedom, Sugar also has a professional market place called “Sugar Exchange” where software developers, vendors are publishing their software products for SugarCRM.

Although, there are number of companies require only basic CRM features, however, with a good CRM strategies and correct deployment, the CRM can help you expand very quick and you might have to integrate with other systems.  Example like you want to integrate CRM with your accounting system.

Understanding your customer in 360 views is as important as having a CRM that can expand with you.

Sugar Exchange and Integration

SugarCRM provides state in the art CRM solution in the market today. It is a very flexible that allow integrate to other systems freely and allow to install custom modules to fulfill your business requirements when needed.

The SugarCRM has been very long in the market started in 2004. Since then SugarCRM has been providing exceptional experiences and hugely success CRM system to many huge enterprises span across different verticals

With SugarCRM only concentrating on CRM products, you can be sure it has the right experiences and skills to help you to be success in your CRM journey and also providing Extraordinary experiences to your customers

CRM Consultation

Aboutknowledge has members with different professional skills, but one thing in common, they have all deal with many CRM systems. For example, CRM for beauty, CRM for recruitment, CRM for manufacturing and many more.

Further to the CRM skills, as part of consultation, Aboutknowledge will use their Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Requirement Management, Configuration Management, Software Development Life-cycle and different expertise in different areas in technology to make sure your requirements are all fulfill and met.