Organise your company operations

Odoo ERP System is one of the awarded winning ERP system suitables for different companies in different industries.


Odoo is one of fast-growing ERP system with proven tracking records worldwide and providing cost friendly solution to many enterprises from small, medium to large enterprise

– Proven by manys world wide Odoo is one of the best EPR solution

– Simple user interface 

– Flexible of changes and integration 

– Odoo Apps store

Automate your daily work with UiPath

UiPath automates your daily work and integrate with existing applications without coding. Capturing user interface action for the automation.

Applying Lean Six Sigma approaches to unlock more features in business process automation

Head hunt system solution

Our headhunt system solution allows documents to be uploaded and the system will extract all the text from those documents uploaded with advanced search feature that you can search by unstructured and structed data

WordPress design and security management

Our team design based on company’s color tone and build web sites based on WordPress. 

With more deamnd on Web site, more cyber security is needed, we also manage and maintain WordPress web site to keep their site prevent any hacker to hack the web site


Are you busy with WhatsApp and all instant messaging?

Sleekflow providing one of the best solution in the market helping your business to focus on instant messaging distrubution to your internal staff. 


Integration all the instant messaging into one platform providing you one place to manage all messaging and allow other staff to follow up conversation and there is no longer belong to person phone. All company instant messaging managed by your company.


HR solution is one of the most localised system


Every countries or cities have different type of taxes and required documents for HR. With Talenox, we can help with your payroll for Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau.


Contact us for demo and we will be able to help with different solution

Block chain certification platform

Blockchain solution is way forward in very near future


We have our block chain certificate platform helps with all organisation making their online certification with a small fee. This platform has been widely used by many big organisation. With the latest ESG, this is definitly one thing that needs to push forward with all organisation.

Online e-Business Card (

ESG and online business card to boost your company’s image


A very simple online platform allows you to create e-business card online, providing solution to many small medium and large enterprises.


It has features allows to upload YouTube videos, pictures, and change layout anytime. This has been a popular platform for many businesses. 

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Our Partners


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